the good people of Cuba have suffered, without deserving it:


Luis Manuel Otero, the cuban artist and leader of the 'San Isidro' Movement being handcuffed and violently taken prisoner by the police for protesting against the government.


Repudiation against Lady in White Sara Martha Fonseca


Minister of Culture in Cuba, Alpidio Alonso physically assaulting members of the 27N movement.


AP photographer, Spanish Ramon Espinosa, is attacked by the police while covering a demonstration against Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel in Havana, on July 11, 2021.


Police surveillance of activists of the San Isidro Movement in Havana.


Repression against UNPACU members and CubaDecide promoters in Santiago de Cuba, assault on the home of Jesus Sanchez Romero.


Numerous special police forces deployed all over Cuba after the peaceful protests


Police detain a young boy during protests in Havana July 11, 2021.

and have been denied basic political and human rights by the totalitarian Cuban communist regime.

The list of prohibitions that Cubans have faced for 63 years is much worse.

Cubans can NOT:

Embark touristic boats.
Have a contract for cable television
Live in the capital without a special permit
Kill a cow
Protest against anything
Have double citizenship
Create opposing political parties
Invest in the middle to big companies
Import cordless microphones
Invite a tourist to their house
Sell shrimp or lobster
Be outside of Cuban territory for more than 2 years
Educate their children in unconventional or private ways
Bring donations to Cuba
Belong to a different political syndicate
Critique the government
Take food from one province to another
Come back to Cuba after immigrating -unless approved by the gov-
Organize any sports or artistic activities without the government's consent.
Create a private press business.
Distribute information coming from the USA's government or any other private agency or entity.

None of this has to do with the U.S. Embargo


The Cuban Government has claimed to have the best free healthcare system.

Back in January of 2010, a cold wave of temperatures whipped the capital, Havana. Temperatures dropped down to 39°F degrees(4° Celcius degrees).

In a psychiatric hospital known as 'Mazorra' more than a two dozen people lost their lives of hypothermia.


They let them freeze to death.

These patients were severely malnourished, almost naked, and without blankets to survive the cold temperatures before dying.

This place, like many facilities in Cuba, has many windows broken or missing.

The government organized a security operation around the hospital, and the workers were instructed to remain silent.


The same is happening now with COVID but in numbers closely comparable to the Nazi Holocaust.

Hospitals are collapsed. People are dying without oxygen, medicines, medical attention, antibiotics, syringes, sanitary conditions, they have nothing.

But the government speech sounds different.
For them, everything is 'under control.'

The “Granma” which is the official press of the communist party of Cuba published on 2020 the following news:

“A week without deaths, the epidemic in Cuba is under control

“President Díaz-Canel assured on June 6th, 2020, at the meeting of the temporary working group for the prevention and control of COVID-19, that with the contribution of the Health system and Cuban scientists we are decreasing, to what is almost impossible , the affectations in critical and serious patients.”

Let's examine the latest data of COVID cases in Cuba that the Cuban government has made public.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Data


Updated 2 days ago.

Total cases
New cases
New deaths
Hospital Beds per thousand

Cuba has a population of approx 11,317,498 million people. And there are only 5 hospital beds available per a thousand habitants? WTF?

There are 1,062,748 total cases and only 8,477 total deaths and 1 new deaths?

The majority of the population in Cuba has no private cars. For example, a doctor who makes 20 dollars a month cannot afford the skyrocket prices at what the government sells the cars.

This means that the population depends on public transportation to go from point A to point B, or even a hospital. Public transportation in Cuba has stopped by order of the government allegedly to the high level of transmission. And private taxis have also been banned by the government.

People depend on an ambulance sent by the government that either never comes or arrives after the patient has passed away in their homes.

The reality is overwhelming

The following video shows a desperate woman saying that the government let his father die at home. Medical attention never arrived. These horrible things are happening every few minutes in Cuba now.


People are suffocating in hospitals without oxygen, no AC, and horrible conditions.

A video shows the men's bathroom in a principal hospital in Cuba.

Another video showing the hallways and dark rooms of the internal medicine area of a hospital in Cuba.

An old man screams 'Get me out of here' in a hospital in Cuba.

Thousands of pictures were shared on social media showing the wretched, sorrowful, and inhumane conditions of the hospitals in Cuba.

Repudiation against Lady in White Sara Martha Fonseca.
a broken hospital bed in Cuba
people in rusted beds in a hospital in Cuba
people on the floor in a hospital in Cuba
flooded floors in a hospital in Cuba
a bathroom broken in a hospital in Cuba
a collapsed hospital in Cuba with patients in the hallways
a patient looks like dying while the floor is full of blood in a hospital in Cuba
a doctor showing a disgusting mattress in a hospital in Cuba
horrible conditions in a hospital in Cuba
horrible conditions in a hospital in Cuba
And old man naked in a hospital in Cuba

The Cuban government refuses to accept medical aid from international organizations.

But the PRIVATE HOSPITALS exclusively for foreigns in Cuba are a different story.

The lobby of a private clinic in Cuba named Cira Garcia
The lobby of a private clinic in Cuba named Cira Garcia

The clinic “Cira Garcia” located in Havana, counts on three hospitalization levels in which 39 private rooms are distributed, two of them suites with all the facilities of the most modern clinics: patient electronic bed with possibilities of direct oxygen and central aspiration, companion bed, full bathroom with hot and cold water 24 hours a day, air-condition, satellite TV, night light, intercommunication with nursery post, equipment for the disabled person, and safe box.

The lobby of a private clinic in Cuba named Cira Garcia
The lobby of a private clinic in Cuba named Cira Garcia

Who can seek medical attention in these centers?

Diplomatic corps accredited in Cuba, foreign businessmen established in Cuba, and foreign persons who come to Cuba searching for the scientific progress and prestige of Cuban medicine. It also offers medical assurance to tourists, and the guarantee of health and well-being services providing a successful staying in Cuba.

Cubans are not allowed to seek medical attention in these facilities, even if they have the money.

The lobby of a private clinic in Cuba named Cira Garcia
The lobby of a private clinic in Cuba named Cira Garcia

Here's a marketing video taken from the clinic's own Facebook page:

The revenue of these private international clinics goes straight to the banks of the communist government, while the national hospitals and medical care are falling apart.

help us end communism in Cuba.

no more death.

no more suffering.

no more repression.