on July 11, 2021Cuban Gov Response

Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, the actual president of Cuba, made a speech transmitted on national TV calling for repression of the protests and inciting national violence. In his own words, he said:

The order of combat has been given, revolutionaries, to the streets!

The horror was about to start...

The so called revolutionaries by the president are simply:

special military brigades known as black berets -boinas negras in spanish-

military cuban forces known as black berets

the national police

military cuban forces known as black berets

the MININT special forces -Ministry of the Interior-

military cuban forces known as black berets

As well as other gov officials dressed as civilians carrying wood sticks ready to beat anyone who would be peacefully protesting:

A video of these gov officials carrying sticks was shared on Twitter:


Thousands of videos and pictures shared on the internet from the protesters themselves shows a significant

shocking level of violence from the government.

Here are some of those:

The U.S Department of the Treasury cited:

Since the beginning of the July 2021 protests in Cuba, the Cuban regime deployed the PNR, a police unit under the Cuban MININT, to suppress and attack protesters. Led by Director CALLEJAS and Deputy Director SIERRA, the PNR was photographed confronting and arresting protestors in Havana, including the Movement of July 11 Mothers, a group founded to organize families of the imprisoned and disappeared. In Camagüey, a Catholic priest was beaten and arrested by the PNR while he was defending young protesters; officers of thePNR also beat a group of peaceful demonstrators, including several minors. Additionally, there have been several recorded instances in which the PNR used clubs to violently break up peaceful protests across Cuba.

Link to cited article here.

People are also afraid of taking out their phones on the streets -even if it is to look at the time- thinking that if the police catch them, they will think that they are making a video against the government.

And we are ready for anything. They will have to pass over our dead bodies if they think they can defeat the revolution

Added the president in his speech...

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