Human Rights Violations in Cuba

There are over 17 human rights violations by the communist government of Cuba. They started after 1959 and for 63 years have not stopped.

  1. No Freedom of Speech.
  2. No Freedom of the Press
  3. Restrictions on Freedom of Religion
  4. No Freedom of Expression, Association
  5. Restricted Freedom of Assembly
  6. No Freedom to keep or bear Arms
  7. Full State control of Media
  8. Arbitrary Detention and Imprisonment without Due Process and Trials
  9. Travel Restrictions
  10. No Free Enterprise
  11. Heavy Taxation and Sanctions
  12. Political Prisoners
  13. Abuse and Execution of Political Opposition
  14. Citizen Oppression by Coercion, Fear, and Punishment
  15. Forced Labor Camps and Abuse of Prisoners
  16. Control access to information over the Internet
  17. Forced youth labor in agricultural camps
  18. Use of Police Coercion and Brutality

The citizens of Cuba live in genuine fear due to the dark government history of repression, beatings, public shaming acts, harassment, fines, detentions, and surveillance.

The U.S. Department of State contains a highly detailed document containing the 2020 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices in Cuba. You can read the referenced document here.